With years of .NET technology experience, Sidstar has leveraged the power of .Net in various applications including web based, back-end, UI and interfaces.


Custom and Platform based software development


Winforms / Devexpress development


Object Oriented and code reuse


Rapid Development


Entity Framework Data Access model


Iterative Development Process


Future Proof your Systems with Generic Frameworks

Traditional software design has always focused on fulfilling business requirements and usually did not cater for fast changing requirements and in most cases resulting in more software development. At Sidstar, our quest is to create generic reusable architecture that is scalable and at the same time robust, cost efficient and reliable

Generic Reusable code

Usually any software development project has an objective/goal to accomplish and the design and development is always carried out within the scope of project management. However at Sidstar Consultancy limited our vision is to create generic, reusable architecture in parallel to the
development of the system without any impact on timescales. Therefore the link between data and software is established way before the development starts. Our approach is to define various levels of integration between parameterized data and generic software. Software is developed to interpret
and handle data, the data is configured to solve a specific business problem.

We also use rapid prototyping to give a feel of the final product way before formal start of development so it can refined many times until it reaches a satisfactory state and our developers can use it as a starting point. Having said that we also take our client’s ideas and priorities into consideration and work together to solve the business problem.