“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”
-KBC Bank Dublin
Case I
Outsourcing of printing and packaging. A number of letters for customers gets printed on the office printers on specific days of the month and at month end. All printers are occupied and some printers are busy for more than two days. A technical solution was designed to outsource these letters to third party printing providers. A quick prototype was developed on one of the test environments to capture the print files and zip them and send them through to the provider using connect direct. The generic framework allowed addition and removal of letters as and when required. Once deployed this took away a great chunk of manual work from the business.
Case II
A specific report was required to be generated every morning and dropped in a location on the network for the business to access. This would normally have been a single report which solved one problem. However we took it one step further and created a generic framework for report creation with parameterized data (SQL query used by the report, bind variables to be passed into the report, Network Location etc). This framework was later used to produce several MARS extracts and MIS reports by simple configuration of data which would have otherwise resulted in software development of several man days.
Shin-Etsu Handotai Europe Limited

Shin-Etsu has been our client for the last 8 years and we have helped them automate various parts of the manufacturing process including electronic invoices, trade CofCs. Some of key projects executed by Sidstar are
• Transformation of quality data from sister plants in XML, CSV, Fixed width formats to standard XML format using XSLT / C# .Net
• E-Invoicing – Integration with Ariba Network using cXML (Ariba’s proprietary format).
• Generic framework in Oracle to create XML reports (no coding reqd).
• New Input material Ordering system using Oracle, C# .Net and DevExpress. Order tracking with a state model, automated upload of supplier invoices etc
• Capacity planner which runs every 20 mins to produce a near accurate picture of the current materials, customer order position, production capacity and earliest delivery dates system using Oracle, C# .Net and DevExpress.

Baillie Gifford & Co.

Baillie Gifford & Co Limited operates as an investment management firm. The Company offers portfolio management, consulting, financial planning, and investment supervisory services, as well as manages equity and bond portfolios. Baillie Gifford serves & Co serves customers worldwide.

Some of the work Sidstar has done for Ballie Gifford includes
• Enable equity trading from new Hong Kong office, changes to handle time differences.
• Implemented the BestX extract for Fixed Income stream.
• Changes to several Datawarehouse ETL processes and creation of viewsfor end user tableau reports
• Various changes to the incoming FIX message
• Changes to incoming MT535 swift message processing job to include CUSIP codes
• Several Performance improvement projects.